Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Those 30 and older were allowed to be kids growing up and were raised by parental guidance and training before media influence, lawyers and government regulating our lives for our own good.

Society has gone nuts today! Now there are those demanding that we take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, out of our schools and off our money. It seems no one can say or do anything naturally without offending someone. Everything has to be "politically correct." Our constitution is being attacked and our school systems have turned into havens for many idiots who are teaching our children how to be idiots. (This is not to say all teachers are idiots. There are many great teachers who have devoted their lives to teach the best they can, but even most of them are struggling to get kids to learn.)

I had the opportunity to review and grade many high school level tests and was shocked to find that many kids who are about to graduate cannot even do the simplest of math and have no idea how to write. Many parents today seem to have no idea what parenting is about. It seems they would rather be friends or buddies with their children instead of teaching them to be independent and capable to support themselves.

Unlike most of us who are at least 30 years old, many kids are not being taught in the home to do much of anything today. How many kids know how to cook anymore? How many believe it’s something they should know? How many kids are being forced, or at least encouraged to go to Church? When I was growing up, our parents made us go to Church whether we wanted to or not. Girls were taught by their mothers how to cook and boys were taught to take on responsibility. We all had to do chores…and we were not paid to do them!
One of the worst things that have happened to ruin kids today is the explosive media influence on them. Kids are getting their values from the movies and TV programs they watch and the music they listen to. Parents cannot compete with the garbage that is being directed at their children. Many children have turned into selfish and narcissist fools; so absorbed with them selves, that they have no inclination to learn much of anything worthwhile to live by.

Look at the girls nowadays. Many of them dress and act like prostitutes. They wear their pants so tight that one has to wonder how they got them on. Not wearing underwear is the “in thing” today for many girls. If boys tried some of the things girls are getting away with today, they would be arrested for indecent exposure. Even the youngest little girls are trying hard to show “cleavage,” another girl fad today, instilled in them from the media. I am not a Pruitt, but how much different is cleavage that girls are showing from that of the top of a buttocks crack when someone, especially a large person, is bending over? I am sure everyone has seen this kind of exposure at some time. These cleavages seem to look very similar to me and are unimpressive and unattractive. Many girls act as though they are sex goddesses, very much like the picture perfect models and actresses they see on TV and in movies.

Our parents were allowed to raise their children without government regulation. When we disobeyed our parents, or mouthed off to them, we were punished, and I mean punished, not given a “time out,” and then babied. We had no inclination to tell our teachers that our parents punished us to get them into trouble. It was the parents right to punish their children.

Our parents did not allow us to sit in the house and eat anytime and anything we wanted. No way did we open and close the refrigerator all day long looking for snacks. We certainly did not drink out of the bottle of milk or juice and then put it back in the fridge. That kind of behavior was forbidden and punished. We were, however, allowed to drink from the water hose outdoors…OMG! (For those who are computer lingo challenged, OMG stands for OH MY GOD, and is very commonly used by children today.

We always spent our time outside! As long as we were back by the time it started getting dark, we could leave in the morning and play all day.

We were allowed to build and test things and if they failed, we learned from our failures and learned to solve problems. Getting a little scratched up or bruised was not a reason to be rushed to the emergency room.

We did not have MP3 players, Nintendo's, iPods, X-boxes, video games, play stations, 250 channels on cable, video movies, DVD's, surround-sound, CD's, cell phones, personal computers, Internet or chat rooms, but “WE HAD FRIENDS and we were outside finding them!” We had no problem walking or riding our bikes to a friend’s home and knocking on the door to visit them! Imagine walking!!

If we entered contests and failed or tried out for sports and could not make it, we learned to deal with the disappointment! And our parents did not try to sue someone. Imagine that?

If we broke the law, our parents did not bail us out. They made us face up and serve the punishment for our actions. If we landed in jail, we stayed there. Then, they also punished us!

We did not treat teachers, neighbors or older people disrespectfully. If we did, they could punish us and our parents approved.

We had freedom to fail or succeed. Some of the best problem solvers, risk-takers, and inventors ever, came from our time! We learned that life is pretty much what you make it, or I should say how our Parents guided and taught us without government meddling and media influence.

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