Monday, December 26, 2016

I LOVE YOU - ANYONE CURIOUS? - Tell me how you feel


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


First it was the deplorables -- then the FBI Director --then the FBI Director was a good guy -- and then a bad guy again -- then the fake news, and now the Russians

I guess her actions in Bengasi, or being fired at by snipers in Bosnia, or her plan to ban fracking and coal mining did not play into this. Then look at the Middle East, Libya and Egypt, the red line, the reset with Putin, and the fact she never was able to name one accomplishment in 40 years of government freeloading that she could brag about. Being a pathological liar and running a criminal enterprise and money laundering operation larger than the one John Gotti ran -- none of that is the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election again.The voters spoke and she lost even though she had more votes because of Calif and NY, but she did not make the 270 electoral number and was not even close.
Wrap it all up and you can say Hillary Clinton was the wrong candidate for the Democrats. That is why she lost and nothing is going to change that. It’s over, and some free advice for the progressive, communist leaning Democrat left: find a new poster child for the next election. Clinton is pure toxic poison. She is finished! Put a fork in the gas bag and say good-bye. Adios

Friday, February 5, 2016

Global Domains International (GDI): A Scam or a Great Money Making Opportunity?

There are those who believe you cannot make money online – really? Maybe they do not understand it or have not put sufficient effort into an online program to make it work; therefore, rather than blame themselves, they scream “scam.” This is so unfair to such companies because it can unjustifiably hurt or ruin their reputations. GDI has been in business since 1999, 18 years as of this year, 2017. It is hard to believe the company could have lasted this long as a scam. Its longevity partly proves it is not a scam, but a good company. GDI partners with PayPal to accept and send payments to individual PayPal accounts. It is well known that is very strict with anyone with whom they partner. If PayPal accepts GDI as a good and legal company, then this is further proof that the company is not a scam and can be considered safe. With first-hand knowledge and much experience with GDI, I can say with confidence that this company is not a scam. I will also advise that with effort and a serious desire to make it work, you can make money with GDI, but only if you treat it like a business. GDI is free to join, and only 10 dollars a month after a free, no obligation, trial period. For more details and information, and to view a short informative video, Click on this link:  or if necessary, copy and paste the link into your browser. You then may choose to join this exciting opportunity and begin making money. Additionally, you may choose to build your own free customized website