Sunday, December 30, 2007


Options trading is a very fast way to either make money hands over fist or go broke in a hurry. This kind of "playing" the stock market is very risky and takes a lot of guts, especially if you do not have a lot of money that you can afford to lose. It takes time and experience to get a good feel for options trading. In its simplest explanation, an OPTION to buy or sell a certain stock is bought or sold, rather than the stock itself. It allows someone to buy or sell the stock within a certain period of time, at a certain price, called the "strike price." The advantages are cost and volume. Options are much cheaper than the associated stock. For example, an option for a stock selling for, lets say, $10.00 a share, may be only .20 a share. One hundred shares of the stock would cost $1,000.00; the option for 100 shares, called a "lot," would cost only $20.00. The primary types of options are Calls and Puts. A Call option is traded if the stock is thought to rise; a Put option is traded if it is believed that the stock will go down. To be continued...

Saturday, December 15, 2007


This story is about a father who sort of lost his only daughter to the world early in her life, and then had trouble dealing with her when she drifted back into his life as she grew older.

The story will be rewritten in time to clean it up such as the flow and any grammatical problems.


I have known a few men who have had rocky (difficult) relationships with their children. Often, these relationships can be attributed to bad relationships between their parents. After observing a few of these relationships throughout my life, I was inspired to write a story about a father who sort of lost his daughter to the world early in her life, and then had trouble dealing with her when she became more involved in his life as she grew older. This is a fictional story that I may rewrite in the form of scripts for a play or a book. At this time, I have written a monologue by the father after he and his daughter had a heated argument, It's about his note to her trying to explain his understanding of their rocky relationship.