Saturday, July 26, 2008


How sad and lonely it must be when you have reached the end of your life finding yourself totally alone and feeling no one cares for you.

Once I was in a Rest Home visiting my mother who was very ill and dying of cancer. My heart was full of misery and I could barely reason with life itself. As I left her room and began walking the long hallway out of the building, I could not help but to hear a woman crying in a room that I was passing. As she sobbed, she was repeating over and over, “No body loves me.” “No body cares for me.” “I’m all alone.”

I stopped and looked into the room. There she lay on the bed, tears streaming from her eyes, looking very fragile. Her hair was thin and grey and she appeared very old from her apparent illness and loneliness. I walked into her room and placed my hand on her arm; she looked up at me and a flood of tears poured from her eyes. She began repeating the things that had caught my attention and grasped my hand.

She asked, “Who are you?” “What do you want, now?” I said, “My dear, I don’t want anything. I only want to tell you that I love you.” She went limp and softly wept. I stood there a few minutes longer and it appeared she was falling asleep. I pulled her sheet up over her shoulders and turned to leave with tears in my eyes.

As I turned towards the door, I noticed two nurses standing there who had been watching. I met their eyes, and they too, were filled with tears. I regained my composure and as I walked by them, one of them said, “Thank you son.”

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