Wednesday, December 14, 2016


First it was the deplorables -- then the FBI Director --then the FBI Director was a good guy -- and then a bad guy again -- then the fake news, and now the Russians

I guess her actions in Bengasi, or being fired at by snipers in Bosnia, or her plan to ban fracking and coal mining did not play into this. Then look at the Middle East, Libya and Egypt, the red line, the reset with Putin, and the fact she never was able to name one accomplishment in 40 years of government freeloading that she could brag about. Being a pathological liar and running a criminal enterprise and money laundering operation larger than the one John Gotti ran -- none of that is the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election again.The voters spoke and she lost even though she had more votes because of Calif and NY, but she did not make the 270 electoral number and was not even close.
Wrap it all up and you can say Hillary Clinton was the wrong candidate for the Democrats. That is why she lost and nothing is going to change that. It’s over, and some free advice for the progressive, communist leaning Democrat left: find a new poster child for the next election. Clinton is pure toxic poison. She is finished! Put a fork in the gas bag and say good-bye. Adios

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