Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA Naked Body Scanners and Pat-Downs

I am aware of and understand the flying public's uproar about having to go through the United States Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) naked body scanners that can see through clothing, or subject themselves to an invasive body pat-down if they want to board an airplane. Although a recent CBS poll found that 81% of the Americans polled favor the use of such security tactics, they could result in explosive situations since this is such a highly sensitive issue.

Many opposing such "intrusive" airline actions are calling for a boycott of the airlines, but in this Global business environment, it is unrealistic to expect that airlines could be shut down and businesses survive. Flying is a must, like it or not. However, it should be realized that movements start slowly and then pickup steam as more and more people get on the band wagon. Just look at how the political Tea Party started and then began rolling like an out of control train. Give this thing time and things will happen. Already, there are groups banding together to attack it. And, many people have already committed to not fly. Let's see what happens when law-suits pour in over the violations regarding unreasonable search and seizures (4th Amendment to  the United States Constitution).

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