Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck and his DC 'Truth, Honor' Rally

Let his critics criticize him, moan, complain and accuse all they want, but who is listening? I could care less if Glenn Beck is making some money from his business ideas and endeavors, what counts is he is finally someone who has made an effort to awaken the silent majority in this country and is successfully motivating them to act for decent values and ideals. Our country has been controlled by a highly vocal, complaining and selfish minority (black, white and others) for too long. It is time for more inspiring motivators, such as Glenn Beck and the likes of Sarah Palin to move the silent majority into action! It is time to clean house in our government ASAP and replace it with responsible representatives to do the job "for the people," not for the government. Thanks to Glenn Beck to get the ball rolling.

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