Monday, May 10, 2010

Did You Miss the DotCom Race? Here is an Exciting Affiliate Program - A Fun Money-Making Opportunity

I wrote and published an article a few months ago on, a social publishing site, titled "Making money on the Internet” - this is the link if you care to read the article: After receiving some responses and a few questions, I decided to follow up with more information about this exciting opportunity.

The company that I spoke of was Global Domains International (GDI). It has introduced a new domain extension of .WS to the world. Until now, the most common domain extension has been .COM. As you may know, many people became filthy rich in the .com race.

Well now, this is the beginning of the .WS race! Many individuals and businesses are now beginning to use .ws domains, and the field is wide open to cash in on this market.

GDI offers you a free affiliate .ws domain and a free website that you may build and use anyway that you like. Many great templates and easy to use tools are provided to help you develop your new website - and support and training are also available.

Your new GDI ready-to-go affiliate website is complete with a brief introductory video. Since you would be the sponsor of the site, anyone signing up after viewing the video would be joining your team and you would be on your way to creating income.

As your downline members build their teams, you will earn income from everyone joining their teams, and on and on, up to five levels.

You may test the program FREE for SEVEN DAYS and if it is not all that you expected or wanted, you may cancel without any obligation.

For those who asked how much can be made with this program, there is a calculator included with the video/presentation. Here is an idea: If only five of your contacts and invitees joined your team, and each of them had at least five teammates, your gain would be $3,905.00 a month. It is easy to see that there is great potential to achieve financial success with this program!

Global Domains International is an affiliate, multi-layer marketing program and you have a free seven day trial to check it out for yourself before joining. Many who have joined up call the program an honest, easy and hugely profitable way to make money.

I have a very favorable opinion of GDI. You should not have to do much work with this program since the video will do the work for you.

The GDI program is simple and fun to use and with some effort; you will succeed and earn money. If you have a burning desire to better yourself, you will naturally put your heart into anything that you try. I am sure you will not want to miss this opportunity!

Do you desire a free ground-breaking affiliate website and can't wait to develop your own website while making money? (You do not necessarily have to develop a website if you just want to run with your affiliate site, but I am sure you will want to develop your own site because of the endless possibilities.)

I hope this article has answered your questions and if you decide to climb aboard, I hope you fun and prosperity.

I joined the program shortly after writing this article and am having fun developing my own free website that I will publish when ready. Until then, I am using my GDI affiliate website such as I mentioned above and have picked up a few followers who are now building their downline (one is in India); and to my delight, I am now periodically receiving a check from GDI.

To view the brief video without obligation and if you choose, get your free seven day trial, click on the title of this to go directly to my affiliate site, or you may click the following link:

If you would like to discuss this opportunity and you are reading this article on my blog,, you may email me. Look to the right side of the blog and find "ABOUT ME," then click on "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE." You will see "CONTACT" on the left side. Click on "EMAIL," or just comment below this article.


  1. After looking at the site it seems to me that it's one massive chain letter type thing. I mean, you get one dollar on someone you've referred and they get 9 dollars off them plus whatever they make from whatever it is that they sell.

    How is it going for you so far?

  2. To Anonymous,

    As I mentioned in the article, it is a MLM affiliate program. Of course those above you will profit from you, but you will profit from those below you, and each of them will profit from those below them. It doesn't matter who makes money above me as long as the program makes me money. The key to making good money is to get a few people below you and then they start building their team, which makes you money.

    I have not pushed the program hard yet, so I only have a couple below me, but they have people below them, and yes, I am getting a check every month. It is offsetting the hosting fee, so basically, everything over that is profit.

    The program does work and it is fun to receive a check because you have people building teams below you. The program can be very profitable with people signing up below you. Everybody gets an equal chance to make money, just like the person above you.

    If you like, email me with an email address so that I can email back.