Thursday, September 3, 2009

President Obama's Health Care Bill: Is It A Government Takeover Plan?

Many of Obama’s supporters have never experienced hard times and live with a false sense of security. They have no idea that governments can fall overnight without anyone firing a shot. Most are young and feel that America's health care programs, including medicare and medicaid are issues that do not affect them. So the argument that Obama wants to take complete control over them is not anything that worries these followers. Unfortunately, everyone gets old and reality will set in someday. These followers are mesmerized by Obama’s elegant speaking skills, his youth and attractiveness. It’s called “blind faith.”

Then there are those who believe the government should take care of them, from providing them with homes, health care, cars and the like at little to no cost. Many - not all - think they should not have to exert much effort in getting whatever they can get for free.

I faught a war for my country and have worked hard to try to secure comfort and security in my life and am proud to be an American, but ashamed that we have a president opologizing to our enemies for America’s past efforts. It worries me that many in America are blindly buying into everything that Obama is pushing when it is obvious to many with common sense and who educate themselves with credible facts, that he seems to have no idea what he is doing, or if he does, has a hidden agenda. Many democrats and liberals will argue that those who oppose Obama are recists because we are not going along with him. I don’t care what color or gender my president is, I just want someone who can properly lead, based on the principles of our constitution. My suggestion is that people better wake up before our country is destroyed from within.

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