Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The following story will be rewritten and reformatted (cleaned up) when time permits.

A little Chickadee was perched on a limb happy as a chickadee could be with her black, white and grey feathers all fluffed up; warming herself against the cold wind and blowing snow of the winter; singing, "tweet, tweet, tweet," when she noticed a bunch of big, black, mean looking crows bearing down on her from above. They obviously were looking for trouble yelling, "CAW, CAW, CAW!" This scared her so badly that she froze in place. She tried to move out of sight a little hoping they would not see her. But, suddenly, one of the big bad crows flew smack into her; knocking her off the limb with such force that she fell to the ground and was dazed. She lay there for a moment gathering her composure and then realized that she could not move one of her wings very well - that mean old crow had injured her wing! By now, all the big, mean crows were swooping down on her yelling, "CAW, CAW, CAW," like a bunch of bullies. She was very scared and wanted nothing more than to just get up and fly away, and out of danger, but every time she tried to launch herself, she just fell back to the ground. The big bad crows started landing all around her and she was now terrified. She was hurt, cold, and could not get away. No way, could she defend herself. After all, she was just a little chickadee. The big, mean crows slowly began moving in towards her from all directions with their beady, mean looking eyes glaring at her and their menacing, sharp beaks pecking as to jester, “We are going to hurt you badly...we don't like you here.” She began to shiver and shake and whapped her little wings around her body as much as she could, as she crouched down waiting for the inevitable. She began crying, "Please, please don’t hurt me, I’m just a little chickadee." Other birds of all kinds, in the trees and in the air were hollering, “leave her alone you big bullies!” But the big, mean crows moved in closer and began to assault her, each one taking turns pecking at her and tumbling her over and over. She was praying it would end soon so she would not have to endure such misery and pain. Suddenly, all went quiet! All the birds that were yelling, "leave her alone," were deathly quiet. Something was happening, but what?? The big, bad crows were puzzled and they too, stopped to look around to see what was going on. Why did everything suddenly get so quiet? The little chickadee peered out from her little broken wing wondering why they had stopped pecking at her, and why was she still in one piece, in the midst of such vicious mean bullies? What’s happening here? She wondered. Then from out of no where, like a bolt of lightening, something shot right into the meanest of the big bad crows, hitting him so hard that his feathers flew in all directions. All the big meanie crows now were shocked and confused! “What was that? Yelled one of them. Then, suddenly another crow was hit...THUMP! As if a bolt of lightening had just struck him. Now, the crows began to cower a little. They had no idea what was hitting them and that frightened them. They began to back up and some of them took flight and flew away – they wanted no part of what was happening here. The little chickadee was so happy, she began to cry uncontrollably. Another swoop and...THUMP! Another big, mean crow tumbled over and over. The big bad crows finally realized this little game of hurting this poor little chickadee was not working so well, so they all got up, humiliated, and flew away as loose feathers fell to the ground in their hasty accent. The little, now happy chickadee, stood up and wondered what kind of miracle had just happened for her that she would be spared such agony. Then she saw the answer! Up in the tree sat the most handsome male chickadee she had ever seen in her life. He was fluffing up his black, white and grey feathers, as a victorious warrior, who had just saved a damsel in distress and looking at her lovingly and singing to her a song of love and comfort, "tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet."

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