Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This is the way life is on earth: Nothing stays the same and everything changes. Something horrible such as a stroke happening to a loved one, like a father or mother, should cause one to realize that this could happen at any moment to yourself or to any other loved one in your life, cheating you from having any normal interaction, as well as dashing any plans and hope for the future with that person. It is necessary to aggressively interact with the people we love or care for while there is time and an opportunity.

You can hope and plan for the future, but you must live for the moment or you may lose your opportunity for anything. God allows us only the moment that we take a breath...that's it! If you purposely put off real meaningful interaction with someone who you care for because you think a better time may come; if you make your life so busy and cluttered that you don't have time to see what's real and what's not; if you make excuses for not following your heart, and if you prioritize money, job, pride and everything else over what your heart really wants, the odds are you will eventually regret not realizing what's really important in this short time on earth.

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